dataman 8600

Most powerful direct part mark (DPM) handheld barcode reader

DataMan® 8600/8600HDX series handheld
barcode readers combine Cognex’s most powerful
algorithms, 2DMax® with PowerGrid™ technology
and 1DMax+™ with Hotbars® to read the most
challenging DPM barcodes in the most demanding
industrial environments.

Most advanced handheld imaging system

The DataMan 8600/8600HDX series features
UltraLight® technology for superior image formation
on any mark type and surface with dark field, bright
field, and diffuse lighting. The image sensor and
liquid lens technology allow the readers to image
barcodes faster and easier and at distances both
near and far.

Exclusive modular industrial communications

Field interchangeable communication modules
allow one reader to be configured to meet specific
communication needs to support corded RS-232,
USB, and Ethernet options, as well as cordless
options including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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