Insight Vidi D900

Now with two new cameras in color D905C & D902C

The In-Sight D900, powered by In-Sight ViDi, is a deep learning-based hardware and software solution that enables factory automation customers to easily solve challenging OCR and assembly verification.

In-Sight-D900 Eyetech
New user interface: IXON Cloud 2.0

The most user-friendly IoT Platformfor Machine Builders in Sweden will get a new user interface.


These self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. A wide range of models, including line scan and color systems, meet most price and performance requirements.

8 Ways Image-Based Barcode Readers Outperform Laser Scanners

Image-based barcode readers are rapidly replacing manual processes and laser scanners across industries. In use, the latest generation of these barcode readers have outperformed laser scanners

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Environmental consciousness, working conditions/securities and existing laws are some of the keywords.


We have the people, experience, and knowledge to ensure the machine vision technologies you deploy do exactly the job you need.



Supply the market with the right products and applications solutions.Keep up with the development and guidelines that the market and business demand.


Guarantee high availability when it comes to products and services towards our customers through cooperation with carefully selected partners and system integrators.