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Sensors, reimagined

The In-Sight SnAPP vision sensor brings the power of machine vision to everyone. With guided setup and pre-trained AI, In-Sight SnAPP allows manufacturers to quickly and easily automate inspections, no experience needed. Leveraging innovative vision technologies, these user-friendly sensors solve a wide range of error-proofing tasks to improve quality control. 

  • Flexible functionality – Address a variety of applications across all industries
  • Superior detection capabilities – Achieve higher detection rates with embedded AI and image-based analysis
  • High ease of use – Go from unboxing to automating your line in minutes

Automate activities across your facilities

In-Sight SnAPP Apps address a range of error-proofing tasks, from simple presence/absence detection to multi-point inspections. These sensors perform one job at a time but can solve a variety of different applications. Within the intuitive user interface, you can easily switch between applications to respond to changes on the line or create new jobs to automate more steps in your production process. This keeps your business agile, while reducing costs and eliminating manual errors. 

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