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In-Sight 7905V

Verification meets vision

Combining powerful vision technologies with proven verification methods, the In-Sight 7905V allows you to perform inspections and grade the quality of your codes in parallel. Previously, this has required a multi-device or customized solution, but the In-Sight 7905V gives users the ability to automate multiple tasks at once, right out of the box. 

Leveraging the embedded dimensioning, optical character recognition (OCR), and verification tools, you can simultaneously check the placement of codes on parts, read text, verify code quality, and produce International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliant reports.

Advanced verification, vision, and diagnostic tools deliver a flexible, all-in-one solution

Streamline your operations with the In-Sight 7905V. Using this robust verifier, you can now grade 1D and 2D codes while deciphering human readable text and confirming correct placement of codes on parts. By combining code grading, OCR, and dimensioning capabilities, you can do more with less and save significant resources compared to building a custom solution to achieve the same functionality.

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