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In-Sight L38 Series

AI-powered 3D inspection system delivers fast deployment, easof use, and reliable performance

The In-Sight® L38 is a next-generation 3D vision system that allows manufacturers to perform highly reliable inspections. Using a combination of embedded AI, powerful optics, and industry proven vision technology, the system captures detailed 3D images and analyzes depth information to detect subtle features and measure them against pass/fail thresholds.

In-Sight L38 solves a range of inspection, measurement, and guidance applications with precision to ensure every product meets your quality standards, down to the smallest detail.

▪ Point-and-click training interface guides users step-by-step through setup
▪ Easy-to-use vision tools and example-based training simplify the development of complex applications
▪ Embedded AI solves applications in minutes, requiring only 5 to 10 labeled images for consistent results.

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