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Dataman 360

The DataMan 360 series reads a wide range of 1D linear and 2D matrix symbologies. Powerful ImageMax technology with a high-powered liquid lens and a high-powered illumination enhances image formation and maximizes read rates for even the most challenging dot-peen or laser marked DPM codes.

Advanced algorithms for reliable 1D and 2D code reading

1DMax® with Hotbars®, the best-in-class 1D barcode algorithm can handle extreme variations in contrast, blur, damage, resolution, quiet zone violations, and perspective distortion, and can decode up to 10x the speed of a typical image-based reader.
2DMax® with PowerGrid®, a breakthrough in 2D decoding software, handles degradations to the appearance of 2D codes, even when vital elements of the code are missing or damaged.
Optimal image formation of any code in any environment

ImageMax technology is specifically designed to read challenging DPM codes on a variety of round, reflective or specular surfaces. It auto-focuses to read small codes at variable working distances and provides even illumination.

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