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Cognex delivers product quality, safety, and package integrity for consumer packaged goods

The consumer product and packaged goods industry demands high throughput, cost efficiency, and accuracy for its material handling, inspection, labeling, and assembly needs. Cognex is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest level of performance in product safety, product quality, and productivity improvements for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and the machine builders and systems integrators that serve them.

Our machine vision and barcode reading products provide solutions for every application, helping manufacturers maximize gross margin and customer satisfaction by improving product quality and protecting their brand.


Machine vision inspects for material inconsistencies and sorts product based on multiple characteristics.


Vision systems support automation and verify that parts are assembled into high-quality, defect-free products.


Machine vision ensures the quality and integrity of primary and secondary packaging.


2D and 3D vision systems support filling equipment automation and volume inspection.

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