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ESD-Safe barcode readers

Electrostatic discharge (ESD), the sudden flow of
static electricity between two objects, is a costly and
dangerous threat to a broad range of industries, including
biotechnology and pharmaceutical, electronics, energy
production, materials, medical devices and semiconductors.
ESD can damage electronic devices, spark explosions or
fires in flammable environments and cause data failures.
According to the EOS/ESD Association, ESD
costs the electronics industry alone billions of
dollars each year by affecting production yields,
product quality and customer satisfaction.

DataMan ESD-safe handheld readers

DataMan 8050 series corded handheld barcode readers
are designed with advanced algorithms to decode
challenging 2D direct part mark (DPM) codes as well as 1D
barcodes. The ESD protective and rugged housing ensure
ESD safety in even the harshest industrial environments.

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