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dataman 380

Simplify barcode reading operations with a single reader

The DataMan 380 is an image-based barcode reader that provides insightful, actionable data by capturing and tracking important product and package information in high-speed operations. An extensive field of view (FoV) captures codes across large areas of logistics and manufacturing lines, improving throughput and efficiency by acquiring more barcodes in a single image. With advanced imaging and decoding technologies supported by artificial intelligence (AI), these robust barcode readers optimize read rates and line speeds in any environment.

Have it both ways: high speeds, high read rates

Run your logistics lines at the highest speeds while maintaining exceptional read rates and close package proximity with 1D/2D QuickSort™. This embedded technology optimizes read rates during high-speed operations by leveraging AI to
quickly locate barcodes. The algorithm also enables faster throughput by simultaneously decoding 1D/2D codes.

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