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DS1000 - 925 series

Cognex® DS1000 and DS925 3D displacement sensors create a three-dimensional topographical representation of a part or product including volume, area, height, tilt, circle fitting and curvature. These industrial sensors come bundled with a vision controller, Cognex Designer™ software and world-class 3D and 2D vision tools to solve a wide range of 3D measurements and inspections with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.
The compact sensors are factory calibrated and IP65-rated to withstand harsh factory environments. Combined with unique field calibration technology, Cognex 3D displacement sensors deliver highest accuracy data despite mechanical mounting or motion errors, and synchronize multiple sensors on wide production lines to provide single, high resolution 3D images.

Additional features include:

• Complete 2D and 2D machine vision solution
• Measurements provided in real-world units
• 3D image stitching
• Contrast independent inspection
• Concurrent intensity inspection
• Ability to combine 3D sensors and 2D cameras
• Fast scan rates

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