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Serialization, Track-and-Trace, Encryption, and Authentication

Industries are increasingly turning to product security solutions to safeguard their products and meet industry requirements. Cognex’s industrial barcode readers and machine vision systems address these concerns head-on by delivering the industry’s highest read rates, superior quality and assembly inspections, and supply chain protection. Cognex technology reads, inspects, and authenticates products at the unit- and package-level, easily exchanging security data with third party software and hardware systems to verify the safe and accurate movement of products.

1D and 2D Barcode Reading

Cognex’s image-based barcode readers offer industry-leading 99.9% read rates and industrial connectivity to ensure products are properly tracked and traced throughout the supply chain.

Performance Feedback and Code Quality Analysis

DataMan barcode readers provide real time performance feedback, grade the quality of barcode images, and provide valuable process control metrics to help secure the product lifecycle.

Product Authentication

Cognex solutions help isolate the source and extent of safety, quality, and counterfeiting problems with authentication technologies.

Cloud-Based Mobile Data Capture

Cognex’s vision-enabled mobile terminals read label-based barcodes making it possible to easily locate products in warehouses and retrieve them in the case of a recall.

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