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What is Edge Learning and Deep Learning and what is the difference between the two?

Edge learning and deep learning are both machine learning techniques used in artificial intelligence. However, they are different in terms of their approach and purpose. Edge learning refers to machine learning techniques that are executed on devices that are close to the edge of the network, such as mobile devices, sensors, and IoT devices. The […]

3D Applications Guide


Cognex,® the leading supplier of machine vision and industrial barcode reading solutions. With over 3.5 million systems installed in facilities around the world and over forty one years of experience, Cognex is focused on industrial machine vision and image-based barcode reading technology. Deployed by the world’s top manufacturers, suppliers and machine builders, Cognex products ensure […]

A quick guide to deploying deep learning in spot welding inspections

Deep learning uses neural networks to learn by example, just like humans. This is an attractivesolution to a vexing production challenge: automating the inspection of terminal spot welds.Terminal spot welds join metallic components in electrical devices. Strong, durable spot weldsextend the lifespan of electrical components like sensors and stators, improving quality andreducing return costs for […]

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