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Eyetech partners with Panasonic Industry Europe

Eyetech AB is excited to announce a pivotal strategic partnership with Panasonic Industry Europe, a global leader in industrial solutions. This collaboration signifies Eyetech AB’s commitment to integrating the best in class, as we will now be incorporating Panasonic’s state-of-the-art industrial automation products into our esteemed portfolio.

”Our alliance with Panasonic Industry Europe marks a significant step forward in our mission to offer unparalleled solutions to our clients,” said Johan Strand, CEO of Eyetech AB. ”We are confident that Panasonic’s innovative products, combined with our deep industry knowledge, will create a synergy that benefits our customers in the Swedish market and beyond.”

This partnership is a testament to Eyetech AB’s dedication to excellence and innovation. As we continue to expand our reach and offerings, collaborations like these are instrumental in ensuring that we deliver the very best to our clientele.Both teams are enthusiastic about the potential this partnership holds and are eager to embark on this journey of mutual growth and success.

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