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In-Sight 5705

In-Sight 5000 vision systems are a series of rugged IP67-rated standalone, industrial cameras that reliably inspect, identify and guide parts in an automated manufacturing environment. The series features more than 15 different models including high speed, high resolution, monochrome, color, barcode reading, OCR, and line scan. Like all In-Sight vision systems, the In-Sight 5000 series uses In-Sight Explorer™ software with EasyBuilder® with access to Cognex proven vision tools to set up and monitor machine vision inspections. The intuitive interface guides operators through a step-by-step setup process allowing both novice and experienced users to configure vision applications quickly and easily. Access to the In-Sight spreadsheet offers ultimate control of the vision tools and programming flexibility to solve any vision application.

• Extensive library of high-performance vision tools for inspection, defect detection, guidance, alignment and measurement applications.
• Intuitive EasyBuilder software interface makes it easy to set up and deploy the most advanced jobs.
• In-Sight spreadsheet allows advanced users to modify application settings and custom-configure vision tools.
• Color models include true color filtering, color ID, and color extraction tools for reliable color inspections.

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